History of the millipede
Our History
What’s in a name?  
Why “The Millipede”? When Simon was a youngster he would often find himself on long car journeys with his older brother and their dad. To keep them occupied, they used to play a game called “Legs”.  
This involved spotting pubs on your own side of the car and counting the number of legs indicated by the name. So, for instance, “The King’s Arms” would score two, as Kings usually have two legs. “The Coach and Horses” would score ten, assuming two horses and a coachman.  
If you were lucky enough to spot “The Cricketers” on your side, you would score a massive twenty two! Simon longed for the day when he would spot a pub called “The Millipede”, giving him an unbeatable score of one thousand.  
He always said that if he ever opened a pub, he would call it “The Millipede, so here it is!